Xtwelve AI is really one of the best investment programs online this year. Maybe you would say that it is a high risk project, but I will say that it is also a high yield project. We only use the results to speak, let’s take a look at its data:

Xtwelve AI
Xtwelve AI on Hyiper

It has been online for 122 days now. It offers “12% daily for 12 working days and principal included”. This means that you will earn 44% net profit after 12 working days. So what would it be for 122 days?

Now let’s take a look at its detailed introduction below:

  • Started: Mar 07, 2024
  • Investment Plans: 12% daily for 12 working days and principal included
  • Referral Commissions: 12% from first level members’ deposit amount
  • Payment Options: Bitcoin, USDT, Litcoin
  • Withdrawal Period: 72 hours, exclude weekends
  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $6
  • Withdrawal Fees: 3% of withdrawal amount

How to Make Money in Xtwelve AI?

There are two ways for you to make money in Xtwelve AI:

  • Invest to earn stable daily profits

Invest $20-$12000, earn 12% daily for 12 working days. So your net profit will be 44% after 12 business days. (there will be no profit on Saturday or Sunday)

xtwelve ai team invest
xtwelve ai team investment
  • Promote to earn referral commissions

Xtwelve AI provides 12% referral commissions for promoters. For example, your first level members invest $1000, then your referral bonus will be $120.

Withdrawal Rules

All withdrawal requests will be processed within 72 hours, exclude Saturday or Sunday. For example, if you submit a withdrawal request on Monday, then you will get the money on Thursday; but if you submit a withdrawal request on Friday, you will get the money on Wednesday.

withdrawal records

In fact, you can see the countdown after you submit withdrawal requests. Just like it is shown in the picture above.

Promotion Activity

  • Promotion on Monitors and Blogs

As can be seen from the above picture, there are 11 advertising platforms that have posted information about Xtwelve AI. All of them are in the paid status and there are currently no negative reviews.

11 advertising platforms may not be too many, because some projects may have as many as 40 or 50. But for a strong project, these may just be embellishments.

  • Promotion on Google AdSense
Xtwelve AI on Google
Xtwelve AI on Google AdSense

We can see that Xtwelve AI has enabled Google Ads. So can Google Ads be a factor in judging the strength of a HYIP project? This remains to be considered, after all, most online investment projects will not enable Google Ads.

So, the more advertising promotion channels there are, the more experienced the admin is with online promotion, which can bring more customers to the project and extend the lifespan of the project. Of course, this is just my guess.


Xtwelve AI offers such a high net profit investment plan, and has successfully paid for 4 months and is still paying. Those investors who joined in the earliest must be very happy.

I joined the project on the first day of its launch, with an investment of $200. Based on a net profit of 44% every 12 working days (41% after deducting the 3% withdrawal fee), I have already earned a lot of profits.

Of course, the money earned through any investment channel is only yours once it is in your own wallet. Therefore, you must recover your principal in time and only use the profits to reinvest, so that even if the project goes bankrupt at any time, you will not risk losing your principal.

In fact, when Xtwelve AI was launched on the first day, I thought it should pay for more than one or two rounds(but I didn’t expect it to pay for so long). Because 10 days after it was launched, it only appeared on two advertising platforms. And it only allowed a maximum investment amount of $1,000, and there was no promotion banners in the user panel (I have already written this information in the Chinese review on March 17). But now it is different. Xtwelve AI has appeared on 11 advertising platforms, with a maximum investment amount of $12,000, and users can find promotion banners in their account panel.

Risk Reminder

Any investment project involves risks, so never participate with money you cannot afford to lose. If you have some spare money and want to try your luck with online investment for fun, you can try it. But if you want to make a fortune or replace your income from work by investing in these high-risk projects, I advise you to give up.