Planetary Asset
Planetary Asset

Almost everyone wants to make money through investment because it is so easy. Especially for online investment projects, you only need to deposit money into a project and then do nothing but wait for the daily/weekly/monthly dividends to be withdrawn.

But there are so few great investments like this, how can you find them? Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place.

Planetary Asset started on Jan 06, 2023. Investors can earn 0.6%-3% each working day for 65-225 business days. The minimum required investment is only $30. Now, let’s continue:

  • Register:
  • Started: Jan 06, 2023
  • Our Deposit: $400
  • Investment Plans: 0.6% Daily for 225 Business Days; 1.2% Daily for 125 Business Days; 2.0% Daily for 85 Business Days; 3.0% Daily for 65 Business Days
  • Referral Commissions: 5%-1%
  • Payment Options: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Epaycore, Cryptocurrencies
  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $0.01 PM / Epaycore / Payeer, $10 cryptocurrencies
  • Social Accounts: admin Telegram; Telegram group

How to Earn in Planetary Asset?

Investment Plans

  1. Invest $30-$4,999, earn 0.6% daily for 225 business days and principal included
  2. Invest $5,000-$39,999, earn 1.2% daily for 125 business days and principal included
  3. Invest $40000-$79,999, earn 2% daily for 85 business days and principal included
  4. Minimum invest $80,000, earn 3% daily for 65 business days and principal included

Referral Commissions

If you have a certain level of online and offline promotion capabilities, you can also earn generous commissions, which are 5% of the total investment of your first-tier members and 1% of the total investment of your second-tier members. You can get a bonus every time they invest or reinvest.

How to Invest?

❶ Open and register an account:

❷ Login account and click the “MAKE DEPOSIT” button:

Planetary Asset investment
Planetary Asset investment

❸ Choose an investment plan, type into amount, select a payment method, then click the “Spend” button:

Planetary Asset Investment

❹ Check the investment data. If everything is correct, then you can transfer money to the wallets shown to you. Then nothing needs to do, just wait for the blockchain confirmation:

Planetary Asset Invest


Planetary Asset has been online for 548 days till now. And as of now, there have been no negative reviews. So, regardless of when it stops paying, we have to admit that Planetary Asset is a great investment project online.

Planetary Asset Data
Planetary Asset Data

On its homepage, you can see some data on members’ recent investments and withdrawals. These data may be true or false. So we can use it as a basic reference.

Planetary Asset
Planetary Asset Data

So, do you think Planetary Asset is a good project? If you have spare money, would you invest in it?