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For most cryptocurrency players, Ubitex should not be a strange platform. Even if you have not used its services, you should have heard of its name – Ubitex.

Ubitex is a global cryptocurrencies Derivatives Exchange, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies here, and also conduct contract transactions.

But in addition to this, Ubitex also offers investment plans with stable dividends and commission systems with generous bonuses. Now let’s dive into this project in details.

  • Register: https://www.ubitex.com/en/account/register?inviteCode=q6gzbf
  • APP Downloadhttps://www.ubit.press/ (referral code: q6gzbf)
  • Started: 2024 May 18th
  • My Investment: $500
  • Staking Plans: 0.5%-0.8% daily for 15-180 days, principal back in the end
  • How to Stake: 40% USDT + 60% UB
  • Affiliate Eearnings: two-tier commissions (15%-10%) + team commissions (20%-60%)
  • Realization method: withdraw / internal transfer
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $2
  • Withdrawal Fees: $1

How to Make Money in Ubitex?

1. Staking Plans

  1. Minimum invest $100, earn 0.5% daily for 15 days
  2. Minimum invest $100, earn 0.6% daily for 30 days
  3. Minimum invest $100, earn 0.7% daily for 90 days
  4. Minimum invest $100, earn 0.8% daily for 180 days
  5. Minimum invest $100, earn 0.85% daily for 360 days

For all the plans above, your initial deposit will be back when investment expires. But for daily profits, they will be allocated into your balance and you can choose to withdraw or reinvest any time.

The investment process is the same as our usual staking mining process.

For example, if you want to invest 500 USD, you need to top up 500 USDT to your Ubitex account balance. Then the system will convert 60% of the 500 USDT into UB automatically, thus forming a currency combination of “$200 USDT + $300 UB”.

Then you will get profits seven days a week. If you choose the 30 days plan, then you will earn 500*0.6%=3 dollars stUB daily. You can exchange stUB to UB with 1:1 ratio, and then exchange UB to USDT to withdraw.

However, if you leave the stUB on your balance, then you will earn extra 0.3% profit every day.

  1. Currency pair “40% USDT + 60% UB” is needed for investment
  2. UB is used for staking. All your earnings from staking or affiliate commissions will be calculated with stUB. After getting the stUB, you can exchange it into UB with 1:1 ratio, and then exchange the UB for USDT/BTC/ETH.
  3. The stUB in your balance will generate an extra 0.3% profit daily.
Ubit.Cash meeting

2. Referral Commissions: 15%-10%

If you know how to promote online, then you will have choice to earn 15% commissions from first level members’ staking profit, and 10% from second level members’ staking profit.

The commissions will arrive to your account balance every day, and this will be a considerable income as time goes by.

For example, your first level members deposit $10,000 in the fourth plan. Their daily profit is 10000*0.8%=$80, then you can earn 80*15%=$12 every day.

For example, your second level members invest 20000 dollars in the fourth plan. Their daily profit is 20000*0.8%=$160, then you can earn 160*10%=$16 every day.

3. Rank Bonus: 20% of affiliate earnings

What’s more, when your members achieve the same Rank as yours, you will earn another 20% from their daily affiliate earnings. For example:

Jim(CF Level) refers Jane(PW Level) to Ubitex. But soon, Jane achieves CF Level as well. At this time, Jim will earn 20% from Jane’s commissions every day. If Jane earns $100 commissions daily, then Jim will earn 100*20%=20 dollars every day.

4. Affiliate Earning: team commissions

PW5 direct active users, $50,000 team turnover20% of team profits
CF2 PW-Level users, $150,000 team turnover30% of team profits
AM2 CF-Level users, $500,000 team turnover40% of team profits
MAX2 AM-Level users, $2,000,000 team turnover50% of team profits
Icon2 MAX-Level users, $6000,000 team turnover60% of team profits

5. Affiliate Earning: United Icon Dividends

If you become an icoin level members and your subordinate users are also icon levels, then you will receive additional dividend rights. Each icon subordinate user can let you receive extra 0.01%-0.03% of the team’s market management amount every day. The “team’s market management amount” refers to total staking amount. For example:

If the total staking amount of your team is 6 million dollars, then you can earn 6M*(0.01%~0.03%)=600~1800 dollars every day.

The above $6,000,000 is just an example. The actual amount is much higher than USD 6,000,000, because at this point your team already has at least two ICON-level users (including yourself).

6. Trade Fees

Like most cryptocurrency trading platform, you can invite friends and earn up to 40% commission for every referee trade.

How to Invest Ubitex?

❶ Register: https://www.ubitex.com/en/account/register?inviteCode=q6gzbf (all subsequent operates can be done on APP)

❷ Login account, click ‘Assets’→’Deposit’ on top navigation:

Ubitex staking tutorial

❸ Choose a coin, such as USDT(TRC-20). Then transfer USDT to wallet. Your money will arrive within 5 minutes:

Ubitex staking tutorial

❹ Transfer money from “spot account” to “earn” account:

Ubitex staking tutorial

❺ Download APP: https://www.ubit.press/, then login and click “Earn”:

Ubitex staking tutorial

❻ Choose Pledge level (15 Days or 30 Days), type Pledge amount. And then click “Order Now” to complete staking:

Ubitex staking tutorial

How to Convert stUB to UB, then UB to USDT?

① Login your APP, click the “Assets” button at the bottom

convert stUB to UB

② Click the “Swap” button:

convert stUB to UB

③ Type into amount and click “Convert Now” button (minimum convert amount is 30 stUB, I just converted yesterday, this screenshot is just for tutorial):

convert stUB to UB

④ Click the “Transfer” button in “Earn” section:

convert UB to USDT

⑤ Type “UB” and choose the coin:

convert UB to USDT

⑥ Choose from “Earn account→Spot account”, type into amount and click “Confirm” button:

convert UB to USDT

⑦ Click “Spot” at the bottom, choose “Sell”, type into amount and click “Sell UB” to complete (if it is not UB/USDT in this page, click option button in the left to change):

convert UB to USDT

How to Change Language on Ubitex APP?

① Login your APP account, and click the avatar on top left side:

Ubitex APP language

② Click the “Preferences” button:

Ubitex APP language

③ Click the “Language” button to choose your preferred language, done:

Ubitex APP language

How to Join Ubitex Social Groups?

① Login your APP account, then click the “Social” button:

join Ubitex social groups

② Click the add button on right side:

join Ubitex social groups

③ Click the “Join Group” button (you can also create group and invite your members to join):

join Ubitex social groups

④ Paste the group ID(such as 253630136516612) into search box, and click “Join” to complete:

join Ubitex social groups

Ubitex Conclusion

If Ubitex is considered as a high-risk and high-return investment project, then the profits provided by its investment plan are within the normal range. But if you describe it as a stable financial project, I don’t think it is very appropriate because compared with financial projects such as stocks and funds, the dividends provided by Ubitex are still very high.

So we should still regard Ubitex as an investment game. Since it is a game, it will end sooner or later. But unlike most Ponzi schemes, Ubitex is indeed a formal cryptocurrency trading platform, and it has its own stable income in other ways to pay investors’ dividends and commissions.

In addition, if you are a player who is good at marketing, you can also join the Ubitex commission system to earn high and diversified commissions. As we mentioned above, Ubitex offers a total of four bonuses for marketers.

Ubitex supports 15 languages ​​in total, so no one needs to worry about not being able to understand the text on the platform.

Since Ubitex is an investment project developed based on a formal cryptocurrency trading platform, do you have the interest and courage to join?

Register: https://www.ubitex.com/en/account/register?inviteCode=q6gzbf

  • 2024-07-22: Ubitex added a 360-day staking plan. You can start with $100 to earn 0.85% daily for 360 days and principal back in the end.
  • 2024-07-23: UbitEx partners with Oceanpark, a MOVE-based Web3 solution, to bring Web3 to a billion users via gamified education. Read more…