How much you should invest in HYIP?

In former articles, I mentioned many times that it is very important to invest HYIP programs only with small amount of money. Now in this article, let me explain it with the statistics of a hot HYIP projects called Laser Online.

From the picture above, we can see that there are 16 latest investment data, and only 3 of them is more than 100 dollars. This is the right way for you to participate in HYIP programs. What you should know is that Laser Online has very professional website design and promotional skills, much better than others. Just as most investors said, it is operated by the same admin with c7 and z7 programs. But even so, most experienced investors still only invest less than 100 dollars. So if you are a newbie in HYIP industry, do you think you should invest more than $100? Of course not.

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